I thought the point of otp ’ s was to watch them do cute shit with each other…not to worry if their in a relationship or not. Yall need a fucking hobby dawg 😂😂😂✌🌚😞


Anonymous : A little confused on how Rihanna was thrown into the mix?

I’m saying over all. Not recently.

Anonymous : That's why I'm over Nika tbh. She's opportunistic as hell. I been noticed her flex

I wouldn’t call her an opportunist but Yeah.

Anonymous : I understand what you're saying, and I'm not tryna overthink this cause I'm enjoying all this, but she could of chose anyone for the video but she chose Drake. So I don't know about all of thaaaat.

Oh ok.

Shut up.

And no I didn’t tag my posts. It went to the tag because of my URL.

Anonymous : You broke my 💔 😭😭😭!!!! ...... now when you update 😁😁😁😁😁

When I can buy word for my new laptop and I don’t get paid until Friday.

Anonymous : I been saying this for a long time.

Yeah, I’m not saying OF is real and Dricki isn’t…I’m saying it’s more than a coincidence that every time this ‘tea’ happens, something is dropping.

I hate that I invested my feelings in something like this and she keeps using it as means to merge their fan bases.

I love nic, i really do but it’s so obvious.

I mean dricki could be real at the end often day and they all laughing at us fighting but……………….. I wouldn’t bank on that. And I’m not being negative either, just more realistic.

To each his own.

Anonymous : You are right 💔😿

I mean it all makes sense except that SB tweet thing…idk if that’s even really real or not…but still, Nicki isn’t dumb. She’s gonna tell us what she wants us to know. And throwing Rihanna and Drake into the equation just makes it all the more confusing.

Like tbh Onika play too much and she knows y’all gonna feed right into it. Y’all don’t think that grown ass woman don’t know exactly what she doin?

I really, really love Dricki and will stan for life but damn…

I ship Dricki 110% but every time something happens between them, there’s always some type of media—song, video, hoax, performance—immediately following. It’s confusing af because it SEEMS real but then she dropping a video and released the pics…why? Because it’ll bring more attention to the video release. We haven’t seen anything from Dricki much but the closer and closer it gets to her album being done and released…the more we see. That’s just my observation.


Look at bae!

Gonna start a new short, short, short story Okay?

But…two people don’t have to be together for them to be an OTP/a couple to ship.

Must’ve been in those Terms & Conditions I forgot to read.

Aw shucks, I did it again.