so i was reading through some of my old, old stuff and omg…

my writing was horrendous.

and yall fake, yall coulda told me that shit was not cutting it

deal with it


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Whoever submitted this is crazy. Look at Dricki pics. It been like that.

Not even considering the fact that they’re two different songs. It wouldn’t make sense for Rih to be twerking on Drake or for Nicki to be wrapped in Drake’s arms. Whoever did this, I have no words for the complete ignorance lmao. And not because I ship Dricki but because it’s completely illogical to compare those two ‘moments’/videos.

I will never understand. Re-reading this shit in the tag is an ‘smh’ moment. How are we supposed to stop attacking/blaming/going off on each other if the first reaction of a person is to go off? It’ll never work. Ask questions first. That’s why I asked who was drickidashit talking to. And we TALKED. We didn’t throw slugs or immediately come off on some ‘I can be a bigger bitch than you’ type stuff. We clarified our statements and that was that. Hell, I don’t even know her like that, last time checked, she wanted to be my friend & I don’t have a problem with that. There was no arguing, no beef, no nothing. Y’all don’t know how to talk. Instead y’all go on anon and decide to mess with people and you know what that does? Add fuel to the fire. Like what’s the goal when you send anon hate? I really want to know.

No, I’m not kissing ass or anything because I have absolutely no reason to, I just really want to understand y’all lol.

Maybe I should be a psychologist…or a therapist. Nah, I’ll stick to pharmacy lol.

I’m not responding anymore. I’m grown, I got other stuff to do. ‘I can leave bc y’all got Dessi’ tf? Okay, let me pack up and be on my way! Lmao, unlike half of the people in Dricki, y’all anons don’t faze me. If you was real about the shit you got to say, you wouldn’t be hiding behind anon. And since you are on anon, that means I know you as a person and you’re being fake, you don’t want me to know who you really are.

You have no reason to hide. It’s the internet? What’s the worse thing that can happen to you? Be shunned by the Almighty Dricki Society? Damn, it seems like y’all follow Dessi—using the name the anon tried to throw at me—around like the 12 Disciples. Don’t come at me with that BS, I’m not gonna go cry and hide in a corner and stop writing and delete my blog. And me saying her name does NOT mean that I have a problem with her bc I don’t. The problem I have is with the people who put people on pedestals and act like they’re gonna banish me or some shit. This is not no damn fairy-tale story. The fact that y’all even do shit like that after yall—probably the same anons—bashed her is quite the contradiction.

That’s what you want me to do but I’m not. This is LITERALLY the same shit everyone did to Dessi when she was standing up for her friends. Y’all some hypocrites man and if you can’t keep it real on the fucking internet where niggas can’t even touch you, I know you can’t keep it real in real life.

Like this is crazy man. Y’all ALL need help.

I have never been nothing but nice and I get bashed for sticking up for somebody? I knew this would happen but I did it anyway. It’s just the fact that I never, ever had beef with or said anything rude to anybody and I get this shit. It’s funny. You think you form bonds with these people but then you gotta remember, it’s the fucking internet. You don’t know the people you think you know until shit like this happens because they never had a real reason to keep it real. Y’all are some followers—no pun intended.

I could never be friends with any of y’all in real life except a select few. Maybe like 3 of y’all. Why? Because all the people that liked/reblogged me when I said the same shit Koyoa was saying are quiet as church mice now, and people that I don’t even know or fuck with on a regular like to go on anon and try to put me out like it’s the Bad Girls Club or something. lmao. This is truly funny and it’s nice to experience how crazy people get over some petty, childish ass, unrealistic, Taco Bell ass beef.

Let meget this straight, It’s okay for y’all to INDIRECTLY talk shit about someone the minute they start spitting that real but they can’t defend/explain themselves when you FAILED to read between the lines or see the bigger picture? With the way y’all go off on people as soon as they say some shit y’all don’t like, I can see that y’all not gonna make it far in life. Not like that you’re not.

I’m so serious. It’s rediculous the way y’all literally took a fun thing and sucked the life out of it and the people who ain’t never done shit sitting here looking like Serius Black from Harry Potter while y’all damn Dementors suck the damn fun out of everything.

But anyway, that’s just me making a long PSA that I’m not going anywhere. Why? ‘Cause in a week y’all same niggas on anon gone be begging me to update and you still gonna be reading my shit. Y’all so busy looking for people to go off on, y’all wouldn’t even know if a nigga updated apart from them defending somebody or talking shit.

Probably gonna go look and see if I did. Lmao.

But I’m done tho..


This whole entire tag is a mess & half of y’all don’t even go here. Y’all all hype & shit cuz niggas spitting that real about Onika but y’all sleep when bitches be out here straight TRASHING Aubrey. I don’t know about y’all, but EYE was under the impression that if you ship 2 people, you have…

Anonymous : u and koy can leave tbh we got dessi n dem

Lol. Not even.





Once again its not about I and me. TEAMDricki should be as one. Here first or it doesn’t matter. My fav qoute from Drake.”Its not about who did it first its about who did it right”. If y’all all go around talking about “We was team Dricki first” then your not doing it right. And y’all don’t know…

Was that directed to me or????? My inbox is open and I’m sure the @ feature works just fine.

This goes to anybody.

Okay but you’re still not answering the question so…whatever. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just wanted to know who exactly are you referring to since what you’re saying in your post has references of what I was saying. But, since it’s a general statement according to you…then alright.

You say it’s for anybody but it sounds like you’re talking to me, and that just proves my point further more. And even then, I guess my point was either obviously misunderstood or read incorrectly. The reference about who was here first, applies to the fact that we notice that ever since it the ship grew, we made friends and those friends started fighting with each other and that caused a big mess, you proved that point.

Also, if you were talking to me, my name is Kiara, not ‘bitch’ or ‘hoe’.

I thought we were all grown here but again, whatever. It just seems that you were directing your post at me and I needed clarification. That’s all.

Every time somebody posts something y’all don’t like, y’all get hotheaded and say stuff out of emotion. Y’all attack people in the ship and that’s why people sees the Dricki ship as a joke now. Are we not supposed to answer questions in out asks honestly?

Are we supposed to delete or be vague with answers to appease people in the tag because we can’t help the fact that our posts automatically go in a tag? Instead of ‘going off’ on people, ignore it. Half of y’all don’t practice what y’all preach but whatever.

I’m not going to explain anything I said or take back anything I said or apologized for anything I said. Obviously the people who reblogged/liked your post agrees with you and by all means, do what you want, now I know where we all stand. It’s petty and childish. Y’all get mad when someone from another ship is attacking a Dricki member but it’s okay for us to attack each other? Isn’t that hypocrisy?

I’m done.



Once again its not about I and me. TEAMDricki should be as one. Here first or it doesn’t matter. My fav qoute from Drake.”Its not about who did it first its about who did it right”. If y’all all go around talking about “We was team Dricki first” then your not doing it right. And y’all don’t know…

Was that directed to me or????? My inbox is open and I’m sure the @ feature works just fine.

Talking about it don’t matter who started Dricki. Girl BYE. It does matter because WE were all getting along, even if we had different opinions. That was the point of that statement being made.

But yet and still, y’all fail to see the big picture with this and anything else. And since we’re all being honest, some of y’all anons being ass kissers because half of y’all was in my inbox agreeing with me when I said the same thing Koyoa was saying but whatever. I got math homework.

Why is itskoyoababy getting backlash when I said the same thing weeks ago? Y’all are seriously childish. Just like y’all can state your opinion, she can state hers. Y’all act like she tags her questions directly for y’all to see. If you’re getting butthurt, it’s because you believe what she’s saying may have some truth to it. Block me if you want to, I don’t care but y’all are not about to come for Koyoa or anybody I have grown to love. Team Dricki started out with her, Maria and Kendall as far as I know and I joined because of them. There was a small group of us before we even knew wtf a Tumblr was. I’ve known Koyoa for a few years now and we may have not spoken that often but she’s a good, honest person with honest intentions and she loves Nic just as much and possibly more than some of you do so for y’all to say the things y’all are saying, you’re not seeing both sides.

We’ve had our private conversations and I feel the same way she feels. When koyoa does say something to y’all, it’s rare and she doesn’t mean any harm. Y’all are doing the same shit to her that got y’all ostracized by others in the tag. Y’all are attacking her for stating her opinion, being biased and that’s fucked up. I’m done with y’all. Like dead ass. Y’all all childish and need to grow up.

I just can’t. I can’t.

Anonymous : When are we getting take care of you part 2? ^.^

Soon: )